Bad Code Meme – Beyond the Internet Humor

What is it with bad code meme? I mean, come on, guys; it is nothing new, right? Sure, it is a kind of internet humor that can make you laugh or bring a tear to your eye. But the funny part is, there are people out there who take this stuff far too seriously. They go as far as to get offended at the minor things.

So, what is it with a bad code meme? If you have not heard of them yet, let me tell you in this article.


"Bad Code Meme" is a relatively recent term coined by someone with "bad code". The phrase was created when someone was asked what they thought the definition of "Bad" was.

The response they gave was, "A code that I will not code anymore".

This term has since taken off on various discussion boards throughout the web. While it is true that the phrase "Bad Code" has been around for quite some time, the term Bad Code Meme is relatively new.


"Bad Code" is a funny phrase that programmers first introduced into the internet via 4chan. Someone posted a picture of themselves with a bunch of text superimposed over an image of what appeared to be a skateboard. The phrase began to go viral and spread from there.

With its fame came the term: "Bad Code Meme".

The term "Bad Code" refers to a type of internet message board that exists on several message boards. It is a place where you can go to say whatever you want. All you have to do is type in a subject, any topic, even a question. There are usually hundreds or thousands of people that will respond to your post. That's the beauty of it; no one will get offended or tell you what you are doing is wrong.

bad code meme

"Bad Code Meme" is used in the context of internet humour. The phrase describes cheesy, harmful, or funny pictures (often from a software or web browser) and texts. Some people may associate the term with the movie "Office Space".
There are many sources of bad code Memes on the internet, including some of your favourite funny videos. If you want to add some of your bad code Memes, here are some easy steps:


There are many great examples of bad code memes, and they are all over the web. But let's talk about a couple of them here.

"I will not write any more bad code meme." I hear this a lot from those who have started a blog or are about to create one. The reason why they say that is because they have seen it all and done it all themselves. I have no problem with that, but the question is, “how can we stop writing that bad code?”

The answer is in two parts. In part one, I will explain why we bad code reviewers sometimes end up writing bad code. Then, I will explain why bad code reviewers sometimes want to stop us from writing bad code in part two. In short, we all write bad code, but we can learn from our mistakes and work to improve our coding skills.

The solution? Write less bad code. With minimal time, effort, and resources, you can write your way out of the writing bad code trap. I will not write any more bad code meme today! Happy coding!

I will not write any more bad code meme


Bad code is like a diploma. It proves you spent time in school just to learn how to program!

Although this meme is nothing more than a brief silhouette with the text “emoji” that has been frequently reproduced and regarded as a symbol or motto of a particular culture, group or individual. The internet is littered with countless examples, but these days there are countless memes for just about bad code.
It’s very hard to explain a meme sometimes. Just like this one! Bad code is like a joke. If you have to explain it, it’s probably not that funny.

bad code meme


Coding is easy, but writing good code requires practice. When you see your team member’s unholy mess of spaghetti code on the wall, hopefully the context of this quote will bring a smile to your face! It’s friendly humor that helps put things into perspective!

When I was in the middle of a big refactor, I realized something. I was creating bad code, even though I knew what I was doing. I made invalid classes, null pointers and memory leaks, even though I knew I was doing so right then. It wasn't until I read that article that I realized I was doing something wrong - but I didn't know what to do.

At that point, I decided to sit down and get serious about why I was writing bad code. It took me a few days, but I finally got it together. I felt a sense of relief after I was finally done.

The lesson was when you go through such a trauma; you need to relax by a fun memes about coding!

bad code meme


No doubt, it’s a hilarious ‘me too’ moment for all coders, when they write code for 4 hours and it does nothing. You might know the feeling; you've been staring at the computer screen for hours, banging your head against the wall, not knowing what could possibly be wrong. And then it's gone...

You can even be a bad boy. All you need is a bad code meme, some free time and a way to post that bad code diploma meme for free online.

Interestingly, the bad code meme have their loyal followers and even have their slang! I'm sure there have been some really bad Memes on the net before, but this is different!