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Get powerful insights and deliver a better product
Code quality & technical debt tool for a business owner
Get powerful insights and deliver a better product
With Duecode, you’ll always stay tuned with your team. Get real-time info about the quality of your software, and know top performers in the team.
All-In-One Dashboard
All-in-one dashboard
Duecode helps to provide valuable insights into each developer’s workflow and visualize vulnerabilities of your project’s code.
Code Quality Rank
Code Quality Rank
You need no technical qualification to understand what happens under the hood of your project. Based on analyzing 2.5 bln. lines of code and 172k repositories we found it possible to condense a code quality summary to the one letter rankLEARN MORE
Keep your technical debt under control
Keep your technical debt under control
Bring transparency to your project’s technical debt with Duecode. Find pain points and tackle them early on.
In-depth commit analysis
In-depth commit analysis
Keep your codebase healthy by identifying fat commits and preventing a mess in your code.

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Duecode can benefit those who are responsible for the end result
Business Owner
By giving an additional source of data about your project
  • Reduce risks of getting low-quality software
  • Compare vendors based on real data
  • Get real-time info about the quality of your software
Delivery Manager
By giving an additional source of data about your project
  • Set SLA for code quality on each of your projects
  • Ship software continuously, with less risks
  • Find pain points to tackle them early on
Technical Leader
By giving an additional source of data about your project
  • Determine risky parts of of your software project
  • Know top performers and slackers in the team
  • Get report for code reviewer to start code refactoring

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are using our tool for three years already within our software development team and a partner company of 200 developers. So we built it for ourselves first, which gave us an ability to deliver data that matters and a form that helps make real-world decisions.

Code Quality Rating ™ is a unique rating system built by our data scientists that rates code comparing it to the extensive code library we accumulated (2.5 bln. lines of code scaled). This way, we provide a unique ability to compare developer's output across different languages and different codebase sizes.

Get Code Quality Rating ™ for your current repository for free with the 30 days free trial in 10 minutes of setup.

Also, we provide unique service for our paid customers by advising them personally on how to get the most ROI from using the tool. The advising is made by the highly professional team who created the product and used it across more than 200 unique projects.

If you’re responsible for the code or product you deliver, Duecode will provide you with quantitative data for:

  • Improve your engineering team productivity.
  • Be in control by knowing what is done.
  • Be able to measure code quality, control it, and report it.
  • Find risky areas in the codebase and eliminate them.

The tool may be used by a range of professionals who have the same target on delivering a high-quality product by measuring and controlling the output. Each role gets generic and unique benefits depending on its own needs:

  • Software vendor client.
  • CEO.
  • CTO, VP of Engineering, Head of Operations.
  • Product Owner, Head of Product.
  • Software developer, Team Leader, QA Engineer.

We believe that the tool only is not what our customers are looking for. The result is what matters, so for each paid client, we offer personalized support by a highly professional team that built the product (not some guy from support) to advise you on how to get the most ROI for the money paid.

Open source projects with at least 6-month history can get the paid version of our tool for free after our review. If you represent the open-source project, please request the code review by contacting us.

We’re taking privacy seriously and don’t store source code after the analysis is performed. After we get the code quality and activity metrics, we immediately wipe off the code. Then it’s enough for us to operate only with code quality and activity metrics. If you have questions or concerns, click contact us, and we’re ready to clarify them.

We offer on-premise installation of the software on your servers. Please check the pricing and contact us if you have any questions.

We offer a fully functional version of Duecode for 30 days without any payment.
With Duecode free trial you’re getting access to:

Code Quality Rating ™
This is our prime functionality that rates each committer output by a scale from A+ to H based on our global code quality database (2.5 bln. Lines of code scanned). This chart alone provides a wealth of information about total and saily code quality contribution.

Code review insights
Information for evaluating each commit by code quality and six additional code metrics can be used as an additional source of information for a code review.

Iteration dashboard
Tactic dashboard to know what happens with the codebase in real-time and in the current iteration, comparing to previous ones.

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