Best Project Management Tools for Remote Teams

Project Management for a team is an important task at the best of times. Many processes make a project successful- scheduling, planning, executing, and other stages. However, project management can get trickier when your team is distributed across the world and working remotely.

There are certain challenges with visibility, communication, and synchronous collaborations involved when a team works remotely. Hence, we must rethink and find alternatives to monitor their efforts and coordinate among themselves.

There are certain challenges with visibility, communication, and synchronous collaborations involved when a team works remotely

Fortunately, there are many tools and software available online that facilitate work remotely. Some tools can assist in processes like project scrutinization, task triage, and synchronizing and sketching the team’s development. While it is a long list of project management tools, some listed below allow a group to perform on a platform productively.

There are so many automation tools for remote teams

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1. Productboard

Productboard is one of the conventional apparatus for filing, affiliating, and priority setting every task of the project. The features, including a board, can be utilized to maintain and trace various projects’ status. Also, you have the liberty to generate more than one board that you want to depict multiple models of the task.

You can add user influence scores to analyze the product’s success and custom-design status classification to track work progress. The insights feature is an amazing component in this tool that helps a team to manage response, analysis, and appeals in one location for quick access. It assists in managing negative feedback, strategic planning, and KPI monitoring.

Productboard - automation tool for remote teams

2. Airtable

Airtable is a versatile task management instrument utilized in various ways based on its structure and approach to the task. Airtable has its uses to make a development-related register to classify all management ideas, scoped features pitches, and various assignment pattern dates. It is also functional for individual projects that other groups are progressing on.

Moreover, there are options to see the same content from various points of view to understand the product better. A feature like this allows the team to imagine and develop their task in their preferred way. This enhances creativity and efficiency among group members and enables them to see things from a new perspective.

Airtable - automation tool for remote teams

3. DueFocus

The core aspect of project development is delivering the project before the due date. Hence, keeping track of the hour used on completing the assignment is important for handing over the project on time and within budget. DueFocus has an automated system that captures the time a group has utilized on the project, right down to divided tasks and stages. This helps in the accurate billing of the project.

DueFocus is useful in tracking project budget spend, reviewing project activities, and pulling up quick, professional reports. It also has a unique feature that tracks overlooked bill hours, such as overrun conferences, away-from-work messages, traveling, and the real project development process. It is one of the reliable instruments to find an accurate idea of the project’s cost.

Duefocus - automation tool for remote teams

4. Duecode

Duecode is a code quality analysis instrument that accumulates historical git data to provide valuable insights into the engineering group’s workflow patterns. This code quality checker is an analytical dashboard for code projects. It analyzes code repositories on services like GitHub, tracking things like user-by-user code, commitments over time, and ticket activities, among other benefits.

This code quality analyzer also helps understand the members’ activities and the way they tackle things like pull requests. With Duecode, one doesn’t need to hire code developers to understand the code quality.

With Duecode, one doesn’t need to hire code developers to understand the code quality

It helps c-level managers, VP of engineers, directors of engineers, others to understand the development of the code in their products. The best thing about this tool is it simplifies the code quality analysis and makes it more understandable for non-tech managers. You get evidence-based support and management for your task. These data points help in effective decision-making related to the assignment. - automation tool for remote teams

5. Basecamp

Basecamp is an amazing tool to gather all files, attachments, assets, etc. in one location. It is one of the most significant tasks in communication hubs, that one can find. Moreover, one can quickly catch-up with project-related discussions and progress that ensures that you don’t miss the project’s development.

Moreover, features like ‘post’ help you write project pitches, background reports, and comprehensive analyses of the topic. The comment feature allows you to trace and gather weekly development and brainstorm through the problems. It is an indispensable instrument for sharing the project’s main points with other groups like sales, marketing, and consumer management groups.

Basecamp - automation tool for remote teams

6. SonarQube

SonarQube is another code quality analyzer to test code quality to ensure that the code files, code projects, folders, and modules are always top quality. It focuses on comments, coding rules, potential bugs, complexities, and duplications related to the projects. It helps connect team members when working on a task. It enhances the workflow through continuous code quality assurance.

SonarQube - automation tool for remote teams

7. Clubhouse

A Clubhouse is the most straightforward approach to start a venture. It's pre-arranged format spares a great deal of time. You need to simply make a story for any new assignment, task, or highlight. The Epics and Achievement following highlights make it simpler to follow the ground of the group overall. Also, it lets people track how their commitment is adding to the task’s advancement, therefore supporting group commitment.

One may utilize it for specialized execution and real item assembling. It permits task planning, enabling engineers, content makers, and architects to work together and address explicit issues.

Clubhouse - automation tool for remote teams

Last Word: Remote Management with Remote Tools

Undertaking remote management is fruitful only when you have proficient apparatuses to work with. A team needs to be in contact continually, to make a task productive. Code-testing instruments like Duecode helps in making great codes for an effective work process. Then again, tools like DueFocus assistance allow the group to monitor their time and spending plan, which is of imperative significance while executing a venture.

Remote management is conceivable only when effective devices are available to assist the group with correspondence, proficiency, and profitability.


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Updated on April 21, 20211.